Saturday, January 16, 2010

I don't have to wait six months...

We all yearn to be loved. All of us desire, at our core to be loved. We search for it in many ways, ways that leave us wanting, ways that fall short, and ways that are easy. We hear it in songs, we sign off letters with it, we dream of it, and we even search websites to find just the one who will bring it to us.

This is something that is so interesting to me. We as humans are so intrigued with love, we are obsessed with it. So much so we'll go to great lengths to search high and low for it. Love.

What is so incredible to me is that the perfectess, (forgive my making up words, but I just don't have the proper wording to emphasize this kind of love)most rightess kind of love is only found in Christ. God's ultimate display of perfect love shown on the cross through the death of his Son to the Resurrection from the dead. It's what we all search for. What we all need.

I remember this semester it just struck me how amazingly awesome God's love is I guess in a very real way. God's love is flawless, just right, unending. We seek this love, unknowingly most of the time in members of the opposite sex that we depend on to give us this perfect love that will meet our every need. You know, the kind of love that leaves you satisfied and left feeling fully known and yet still loved, flaws and all?

But when we begin to do that we trip, so to say on the falleness of humans that we put our dependency on and not on our heavenly father. I mean think about it in a very applicable way...God is not so petty that we have to wait six months to tell him we love him like how we put limits on dating relationships to confess. We don't have to check on his phone to see if he's gettin with someone else. We don't have to wait, we can love reckless abandon our Savior, with all that we are. And you know what's even cooler.... He has loved us first, always, forever, without shame, without regret.

Love. We fantisize about it, we try to fill it with numerous things that leave us more empty. But to sit and be still in the fullness of God's love, wow it leave one speechless and filled with joy.

In the Bible it says that love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, and it continues on to describe it. So if that is love and God is love, then He is all these things! Wait, so if I'm supposed to love God and love one another, then I must also be these things too. So I tried to read this passage and check up on how I love, and I realized that I am rarely patient, and that's just the first descriptor. I can't love right, but I know someone who does. He is my God and I can rest in His grace to help me love him and others.


  1. see, i told you your words are beautiful :) and praise the Lord for his perfect, beautiful love! and i'm so proud of you for already writing so many posts! :)