Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who will get a rose?

I rarely watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette but when I do, I admit it sucks me in. Ashamedly, I do enjoy this show once and a while. I think it is the sheer fascination of how desperate these women on The Bachelor are to get married and find the love of their life. I mean, they are aging quickly at the graying age of 25 so shoot, they better hurry up before they become ancient!

I find myself under my breath hoping that the bachelor, Jake, would pick this or that girl because I feel like they are "great" or at least the few minutes that I can grasp who they are, because that's where truth is right? Wrong. This show just makes me laugh, yet it is so intriguing to witness the stampede of women fighting for the affection of Jake whom they barely know. Now don't get me wrong, Jake is a very attractive guy who has a career and seems pretty nice, but how do any of these women truly know him and feel special when he is dating 25 of them at the same time? Strange, but I think at the core this show just displays almost ridiculous lengths men and women go to find "the one."

I think this show teaches me a lot, well ok it might make me a bit dumber but haha there is nothing else on TV, right?

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